• Receptions/Events at PMA

    Jan 19, 2017



    Special Community Event Benefitting PMA:

    June 25, 12-6.

    Burlingame Garden Adventure


    Sunday Special:

    July 9, 2-4pm, 

    Conversations with Richard Kamler


    Special Event:

    July 22, Wayne Wichern Mad Hatter Tea


    Upcoming Museum Exhibitions:

    July 30 - Oct. 8, 2017

    Mark Garrett, Trudy Reagan and Ginger Slonaker


    Continuing Museum Exhibitions: 


    Resolving Space: James Claussen


    Under the Surface: Rinat Goren


    Remnants, Sculpture & Paintings: Richard Kamler


    Memory's Fog: Farnaz Zabetian


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