Rob Browne

Once a Great Notion

Rob Browne has been an illustrator and sculptor in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 35 years. A native of Pittsburgh, PA, Browne received his BA in Sculpture at San Jose State University and studied briefly under sculptors Bruno Lucchesi and Glenna Goodacre. Since 1990, he has maintained a public studio/gallery on the SF Peninsula – first in Menlo Park, then in Belmont. Browne accepts private and public commissions running the gamut from design and fabrication of marketing incentives and corporate awards, to custom works of fine art and busts of historical figures.


Artist Statement

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While I'm known for sculpting sensitive portraits (especially of children) my art covers a range of subjects, fine and commercial, in a range of styles and materials - from inspirational to whimsical, clay to bronze. Most of the work is by commission (private and public) - if you can imagine it, I can sculpt it.


I'm primarily a modeler rather than a carver. Smaller pieces begin in water-based clay. The immediacy of clay allows me to work quickly at the beginning, overrunning my headlights, so judgment doesn’t impede creativity. This process invites mistakes or happenstance, which can enhance the final outcome. Some of the artwork is left rough and heavily textured, telling a story of the process, while other pieces are carefully worked to a fine, smooth finish.

If you have a project to discuss, would like to kick around some ideas or just want to see what I'm doing - you’re welcome to call and stop by the studio.

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