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  • Kesselman Duo Continues Glinka's Music

    LT | Aug 28, 2014

    The tap-tap bang-bang next door has a new tempo with a smooth swoosh-swoosh added these days. One of the remarkable aspects of an art complex is that the creativity never stops. Not only do artists continue to shift in their work, but, in a larger context, artists shift in their lives. We can now add Studio #28 to the list of vitally shifting artist spaces at PAI.

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  • From Karin Moggridge to Christina Mazza

    LT | Aug 6, 2014

    Karin Moggridge, creator of both wearable and wall hung art (two examples pictured above) has moved her studio to Portland, OR, chasing after moist, cool weather and lush, green environs. Family entices her as well, and she’s already lined up sale venues for her uniquely formed wall hangings and personal apparel.

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