BJ Stevenson, Spirit of Sculpture

BJ Stevenson, Spirit of Sculpture

I’m short. She’s shorter. The quiet understated power that comes out of this woman, this BJ Stevenson, it’s fascinating. Is this power emanating from her hair? How can hair be so white? Is it a halo? Not when she’s cranky, that’s for sure, but I don’t know, there’s something about her that’s always, well, white. Diaphanous white. And so down to earth at the same time.

She works with the earth. Big earth, as in big, solid, tremendously heavy rock. She molds the rock, or maybe the rock molds her. It’s hard to say where she begins and where she ends, she’s that spiritually fluid of a person. And at the same time she’s right there, solid, structured, full of life’s wisdoms that she recognizes within stone, uncovers from stone, pulls from stone if her conversation with stone has gone on for eons.

And then she hands the conversation over to others, and lets them talk with the stone. Remarkable.

"Community," created through many conversations with stone, lead by Stevenson.

Michelle Dragony recently published a short video on BJ Stevenson and her public works projects. BJ narrates the story herself, revealing how her original me-the-sculptor-doing-outdoor-art demonstrations eventually turned into all-engaging art experiences for the public.

BJ calls this her “Spirit of the Sculpture” video. A short 10-minute listen reveals why.

Size is part of the conversation with "Communicating" by BJ Stevenson.

The top image of BJ Stevenson, hands at work, was generously shared by photographer Mark Kitaoka.

Sculpture photos by BJ Stevenson.


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