Rob Browne Stumps the Trump

Rob Browne Stumps the Trump

Robley Browne, sculptor, has tackled the Trump. It’s slightly ambiguous as to whether Browne is stumping Trump or thumping Trump, but in the meanwhile he does have him do a few playful antics in a new project Browne has just unveiled. In addition to moving a 40” Trump sculpture about the Bay Area for photo ops, he is selling humorous mini versions of the sculpture in the hopes of tickling political fancies. If these sell well, he hopes to finance his ability to remain in the Bay Area, his home for decades.

Creating witty mini sculptures is not new for Browne. His popular Computer Bugs turned Millennial Bugs are a thrill for adults and children alike. Browne says he decided to sculpt the multiple 5-1/2” (classic troll doll sized) Trumps when he realized that people from both sides of the political aisle considered the famous man to be a troll, “…with his supporters being of the opinion that, ‘Sure, he’s a troll, but he’s OUR troll.’”

A Kickstarter Campaign has been set up to facilitate Trump Troll sales. Also on this site you will find humorous information about the very talented Browne and his well-known ability to create representational sculptures.

As you see in the banner image (above) the large Trump sculpture, made out of urethane foam with a resin shell, has been completed and is out and about, making his ambitious rounds. 


At the beach Browne found Trump “Commanding the Ocean in Half Moon Bay” and “Getting off His High Horse”. I’m not sure if the real Trump would truly get himself spiritually grounded in the pacific sense, especially with that big stick in hand, but it’s an interesting thought. 


On a recent evening the Trump Troll caught up with the outstanding Political Satirist, Will Durst. “I call it ‘Drumpf & Durst Go Head-to-Head,’” says Browne, adding that, “Today the Trump Troll visited Bruce Wolfe’s Tony Bennett sculpture and posed for the security guys, doorman, and visitors at the Fairmont.”


Here we see the feisty troll eager to feed his sweet needs as he eyes Android’s marshmallow at Google.

The tall version will be on the Pop-up Photo-op Tour until November visiting cafés, landmarks and events to engage people and offer photo-ops. Already it has elicited smiles, laughter and selfies, while stirring conversation about the choice in November.  Browne says he “Got quite a rise out of 2 tourists from Scotland who had strong words for Trump’s golf courses over there,” and, “On the other hand, a 3-year old girl’s face lit up with recognition as she shrieked ‘Donald Trump!’ and ran up to embrace the smaller guy, knocking him on his back in the sand.  My camera malfunctioned so I didn’t get a shot of that.” If you have a suggestion for a Pop-Up site, Browne would love to hear about it.


Browne is the guy on the right… or is that the left? As he says it, “My 5-1/2” sculpture depicting Trump as a Troll will be either a souvenir of our new president, or of the disaster we narrowly avoided this year, depending on your perspective and how it plays out.” Through Kickstarter, Browne hopes to hand-produce limited editions of the small sculpture, signed and numbered in his studio. If these are popular, he would like to begin a production run of light-weight vinyl copies for distribution/sale across the United States.

Whatever the case, Trump is making the rounds and creating currents. When he is not out and about in the news you might find him visiting Robley Browne in Studio #30 at PMA.


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