Carolyn Shaw

Sep 22, 2016 to Oct 31, 2016

Above: "Canyon Echo"

Shaw shares works representative of her artistic journey on the way to, and during the process of, becoming a landscape painter.

Shaw finds meaning related to her own journey in this observation by Henri Matisse “An artist is an explorer. He has to begin by self-discovery and by observation of his own procedure.  After that, he must not feel under any constraint.”

"Virginia City"

Shaw began at an early age by drawing what she loved.  “At that time, it was cats. dogs and horses and so I studied each of these in the three encyclopedias we had at home, learning all their anatomy.  Later in life I would fall in love again, with the California landscape, my environment since childhood.  In between, I explored many mediums, abstract concepts and representational subjects.”

"On the Lake"

This exhibit has works representative of Shaw's artistic journey from those early days, through her experimental periods, and into the '90s when she realized her heart belonged to the California landscape. Her journey has taken her from watercolor, to oil bar, which is essentially a drawing technique, and then gradually into oil painting on canvas which is the medium of her current work.


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