Fun Stuff Reinvented Art

Jun 1, 2017 to Jul 16, 2017

The Museum Studios Gallery presents a collection of painted furniture, projects of “Art to Wear” and graphic framing by Nancy Woods. Nancy has been making art in various forms since graduating from the California College of Arts and Crafts.  She studied under Joseph Albers – considered to be the Father of Color Theory.  She is owner of Woods Designs, a graphics and sign studio in Burlingame, California.

Most of the recent art by Nancy Woods of One of Designs involves furniture from discards.  She finds old wood furniture and re-invents them to become a one-of-a-kind work of art. Each piece is painstakingly re-imagined to portray a touch of whimsy and enable a new functioning life.

“We spend most of our growing up life trying to fit in. Then much later for most, we try to distinguish ourselves from everyone else. Life is so serious and often a struggle. Having some fun in your 'house' that represents your connection to the 'whimsical world' is revitalizing. I love what I produce and hope it brings happiness to others,” said Nancy.

Woods will also show her graphic framing of prints that are done by taking prints, cutting and painting them into a mat board, and extending the art piece by adding elements that draw highlights from the print. She also adds 3-D components.

Nancy Woods’ affiliations have been with the San Francisco Chapter of Women in Design, Peninsula Business Exchange, Stanford Children’s Hospital, Special Olympics, Burlingame Chamber of Commerce, Highlands Artist’s Salon, and Peninsula Chapter Women’s Caucus for Art.  She has exhibited with the Silicon Valley Open Studios, 1870 Gallery-Belmont, Palmer Holbrook Atherton Artist’s Show and the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.

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