In Between the Sheets

Jul 4, 2016 to Aug 14, 2016

Irene Carvajal explores ideas of construction and deconstruction/renewal, from both a formal and conceptual point of view.


This began as a project between my mother and me. As it grew, it strung together family, friends and neighbors. This work was made from discarded clothes I have been collecting over the years. I often sat in bed sewing the pieces together and as the garment grew it started taking over my bed. I began to see it as a physical manifestation of the aspirations, dreams of those who had handled these clothes.

Irene Carvajal is a multidisciplinary Costa Rican-American artist.  Her art practice includes printmaking, collage, sculpture and installation. Irene has exhibited in the United States, Japan and Costa Rica.

BFA Work
University of Costa Rica and the University of Kansas;  MFA, San Francisco Art Institute (emphasis in printmaking); recipient of the Bronze Roller Award; Artist in Residence: Yokohama, Japan, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Currently she is a lecturer at Stanford University and at the San Francisco Art Institute. She teaches printmaking (monoprint, etching, screen, lithography and colograph) and a critical studies/studio class focused on the political and social importance of muralism.


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