Not Flat

Aug 31, 2017 to Oct 15, 2017

Peninsula Sculptors' Guild presents Not Flat, an exhibition of 3-dimentional forms created in a wide variety of mediums by eleven sculptors. Works displayed explore wood, wire, stone, found objects, ceramics, metal, and mixed media.

Participating artists: Barbara M. Berk, Dylan Jones, Patty Jones, Patricia Keefe, Michael Kesselman, Kim McCool Nelson, Paul Rubas, BJ Stevenson, Winnie van der Rijn, Ruth Waters, Nancy Woods

Patricia Keefe The Mask

Not Flat will present works created using both Subtractive (removing material) and Additive (adding material) processes.  For example, both BJ Stevenson and Ruth Waters remove stone (Stevenson) or wood (Waters) to create their finished pieces.

Many members take an Additive approach.  Winnie van der Rijn, Nancy Woods and Michael Kesselman upcycle found objects.  Van der Rijn is an urban scavenger, working with the imperfect and the discarded.  Woods restores and paints usable objects – furniture mostly – thereby reinventing the objects and creating art, which keeps them out of the landfill.  Kesselman edits his common objects and junk, then puts seemingly disparate elements together into a unified, lyrical whole.

Two members work with wire:  Patricia Jones “draws” with copper wire, exploring the female form.  Barbara M. Berk weaves and makes lace with stainless steel and bronze wire, creating abstract forms.

One member works primarily with clay:  Dylan Jones alters slabs and thrown forms to create landscapes.

Patricia Keefe, Kim McCool Nelson, and Paul Rubas each take a broader approach, essentially asking “How can I make this happen?”  Each uses any medium and process needed to accomplish the desired effect.

Paul Rubas, Yellow Series II

The Peninsula Sculptors’ Guild was founded in 1979 by George Duggar, Patricia Keefe, Robert Wait and Ruth Waters.  The Guild’s mission is to bring sculpture to the community and to provide a support system and resource-sharing for its members.  PSG has organized many shows, some for members only and some juried exhibitions.  Jurors have included Dr. Peter Selz, UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus and Kenneth Baker, Art Critic for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Dylan Jones Graffi-Tea

Banner image: Detail from Kim McCool Nelson's The Emperor's Old Clothes


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