Outsider As Artist

Mar 16, 2017 to Apr 30, 2017

In this exhibit Lola Walker presents bold mixed media collage work to create an environment representing the outsider as artist.

Combining the raw sensibility of Outsider art with that of Fine art, Walker has developed a fascinating quirkiness of style that blends the two. Her brave artwork is a direct extension of her un-acculturated and unconventional personal values. She was been described as an artist who is “capable of brilliantly subverting any kind of placidity…,” having been a maverick thinker since her days as a Merry Prankster aboard Ken Kesey’s “Magic Bus” in the early 1960s.

The show includes a large mural featuring a wise, playful and intense dog-cat hybrid named “Sparky.” Her small collages incorporate a variety of materials she has collected through the years.  Fellow artist Jim Blake describes Ms. Walker’s art as “fabulous, playful, daring, original, unapologetic, bold and aggressive.”


Lola Walker has maintained her large art studio in Redwood City for years. She has this to say about her creative process: “I give myself the freedom to just PLAY and let a piece evolve into a spontaneous, quirky, mixed-media painting. I feel profound joy and deep enrichment from this art-making process.” Her art has been exhibited in galleries around the Bay Area. 


Banner image, top, is a detail from the mural Sparky.

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