May 21, 2015 to Jun 28, 2015

My passion for photography began years ago in Death Valley, where the main attractions were design in landscape and abstract forms. As I traveled from 35mm slides through medium and large format film and now small and large format digital imaging, the main attractions have stayed the same. Abstract forms are my main thrust in the studio. The images produced here are still lifes with a twist. Using a large format camera with a scanning back and a turntable which rotates the subject, I can “unwrap” the surface and contents of an object, transforming both natural and human-made things into abstract (and sometimes frightening) forms. My images are a success when the fun creating them transfers to those viewing them.


John Csongradi is an engineer and orthopaedic surgeon who now is (mostly) retired from his day job and is pursuing his other passion: photography. With the beauty of the landscape the initial attraction, he is now creating abstract still life images with a digital scanning panoramic technique.He has trained with Stephen Johnson, Bruce Barnbaum, Stu Levy, Jay Dusard and John Sexton. Some examples of his work may be viewed at

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