Travel Memories

Sep 26, 2015 to Nov 1, 2015

In the early 80’s, Dr. Doris Arrington founded the Art Therapy Psychology Department at Notre Dame de Namur University, where she served as Department Chair for 30 years.  In the last 10 years she has been an invited professor training caregivers throughout the world in how to use art materials and images in rehabilitating individuals suffering from traumatic experiences. During her travels Arrington created personal artworks memorializing the children and adults she taught and helped recover from anger, fear, and abandonment.

This exhibit, Travel Memories: Acrylics, Assemblages & Alligators, presents a large selection from Arrington's travel memories series, including representative paintings from the diverse cultures of Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, and South China. Multimedia assemblages that contain found objects from around the world are also displayed. In addition to her travel memory artwork, Dr. Arrington will be displaying her present creative passion, humorous alligator boxes which are known to display the personalities of the persons who perchased them. The boxes come with a certificate protecting the owner from all other alligators in CA.


Ethiopia - Rachel - Angel of Trampled Rose


Over the years, Arrington and members of the Notre Dame de Namur University Art Therapy Psychology Department have sponsored art exhibits in prestigious galleries, government buildings, university halls, and caring communities.  Arrington is the author of two books and an art-based assessment.  She maintains a working artist studio at Museum Studios, just down the hall from the gallery displaying her work.


Love is the Expense of Union: Game Board and Gas Handles


Banner Image (top): Cambodia - The Water Village - Dinner with Friends


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