Unpredictable Visions

Sep 23, 2013 to Nov 11, 2013

Moving Forward with Unpredictable Visions explores different mediums and styles as the brush moves forward eliciting the unpredictable.

Hiking Arastradero


June Levin’s paintings explore not only the immediate and perceptible world, but the world that lies behind the reach of her vision. Her paintings may begin with a patchwork of flat acrylic, laced with a bit of medium and glitter, on stretched canvas; they may be a landscape begun with transparent watercolor on paper, then carved into a design of shapes; they may be watercolor washes on Yupo paper to create untamed texture; or her paintings may be more intensely rich landscapes using pure oil pigments. Passion often dictates Levin’s direction, and the outcome is seldom the same.

June's artistic leanings began when, as a child, foggy San Francisco days found her staring out the window, sketching cityscapes with graphite and ink. As an adult, June studied pen and ink drawing; moved on to study life drawing, portraits, and a little later, added landscapes to her repertoire. Privileged to study with master artists, June thrived on the diversity of using a variety of mediums and techniques, as represented in this body of work.

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