Jul 2, 2015 to Aug 9, 2015

Paintings by Alice Weil (left) and Mary Stahl (right)

“Vistas” is a two-person exhibit of original oil paintings by Alice Weil and original pastels, oil and acrylic paintings by Mary K. Stahl. The work includes landscapes, seascapes and pastoral scenes that offer a feast for the eyes. Paintings of distant views of scenery that delight the senses as well as close-up views that highlight the beauty of nature are included in the exhibit.

Alice Weil

Alice finds peace painting under the shade of mighty oaks as they grace the golden hills around the San Francisco Bay Area.  Her paintings reflect the power and strength of the Bay area landscape, omitting the hand of man in most of her paintings. She is inspired by the fog-laden Coast Range and the dramatic seasonal changes in the surrounding foothills.  Her goal is to take the viewer to a quiet relaxed place.

Mary K. Stahl

Intrigued and inspired by the effect of light in the natural landscape, Mary strives to capture that phenomenon in her pastel and oil paintings, many of which are produced en plein air. Her pastel landscapes, in particular, have been described as having a peaceful or “dreamy” quality. Mary hopes to captivate viewers’ imaginations, uplift their spirits and give them a unique sense of time and place to pause and enjoy.

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