Receptions/Events at PMA

Jan 19, 2017




Special Community Event: Burlingame Garden Adventure

Sunday, June 25, 1-5pm

This Annual Garden Show will feature 2 homes with very different garden experiences: the Ward residence at 792 Willborough Road in Burlingame and the Pizzi residence at 121 Warren Road in San Mateo. Donations of any amount will be accepted as admission to both properties. This year's beneficiary is the Peninsula Museum of Art, 100% of donations going to the Museum.

Visitors will see more than 1,000 species of plants in beds and containers throughout the landscape at 792 Willborough Road, including a striking succulent garden as well as a vast array of unusual perennials. Visitors to the Warren Road landscape will see an expansive garden along with plein air artists painting onsite.

A special presentation will be made at 3:00pm on Willborough Road by Chris Takemori of Golden Nursery, with some insights and tips on gardening techniques.

A note on parking in Burlingame:  Willborough Road is a narrow street with limited parking.  The intersection at Palm Drive and Willborough Road will be closed to vehicular traffic.  We recommend parking on Palm Drive and walking a short distance to the Garden Show.

Thank you for your support of the Peninsula Museum of Art and the Burlingame Garden Adventure!  We hope to see you in San Mateo and Burlingame on Sunday, June 25!

More info: Beth Beisecker, Special Events Chair


Sunday Special:

July 9, 2-4pm, 

Conversations with Richard Kamler


Special Event:

July 22, Wayne Wichern "Mad Hatter Tea." Tickets required.


Upcoming Museum Exhibitions:

July 30 - Oct. 8, 2017

Mark Garrett, Trudy Reagan and Ginger Slonaker


Continuing Museum Exhibitions: 


Resolving Space: James Claussen, Decker A Gallery

James Claussen's surreal images combine elements of the natural world, machinery, his life and imagination.  Using the absence and presence of color, shapes, forms and texture, Claussen's lithographs seek to explore space and spark imagination.  Claussen's work is collected by corporations, private collectors and renowned art institutions including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London; Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri; Pratt Institute in New York, and the National Museum of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, among others.  Read more


Under the Surface: Rinat Goren, Arabella's Gallery

In this show for PMA, Rinat Goren expresses her interest in finding hidden treasures of truth beneath layers of bias and opinion.  Using encaustic collages, a process that involves layering pigmented beeswax fused with a heat source, she invites the viewer to dig in and discover what's really going on.  Born and raised in Israel, Rinat Goren creates art to convey her values: truth and reason.  Goren's process of layering and finding ‘treasures’ underneath provokes us to think about our uniqueness and who we are as individuals, how our thoughts form, and how we choose to live.  Read more


Remnants, Sculpture & Paintings: Richard Kamler, North and East Galleries

Richard Kamler is a crusader for peace and the universality of humanity with socially-engaged art.  Much of his most powerful work, spanning four decades, consists of sculptural installations in and about prisons.  This exhibition presents remnants of those installations as well as installations advocating for freedom for all people.  Read more


Memory's Fog: Farnaz Zabetian, Decker B Gallery

Farnaz Zabetian paints women from the part of the world she comes from: Tehran, Iran.  She says, "These women struggle with social taboos, so much so that she will not know how to act without them.  An Eastern woman is always in a struggle to display a strong and stable woman or a mother, all of which has been predetermined for her.  An Eastern woman will put up with the erosion of her soul so her fragility will not be apparent.  She puts up a strong front.  My paintings depict the women who have silently pulled off these masks to bare all of their complexities, hurts, and untold secrets."  Read more



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