Carolyn Shaw

Born in San Francisco, Carolyn was raised in Pasadena, California, and received a B.A. Degree in Art from the University of California at Berkeley. Trained in abstract painting theory, she continued to develop her own ideas through experimentation in painting, drawing and printmaking while pursuing her career as a librarian. Because time and space were limited, she later became involved in weekly outings with the Santa Clara County Watercolor Society and soon developed a passion for plein air painting. Recently, she has changed her focus to studio painting from field studies which she feels affords her both the freedom of visual memory and the challenge of more complex compositions.

Corral de Tierra

Artist Statement

“I had been in love with the California landscape since chilhood when I rode the Coast Daylight between Pasadena and Woodside to spend summers with my grandparents. Those initial impressions of ranchlands, mountains and the blue Pacfic have stayed with me ever since. Hiking the local trails of the Bay Area has been an important part of why I paint. What I experience in nature inspires me in many ways; the temperature and movement of air, sounds or lack of, and smells of earth and grasses, as well as sight. I enjoy the challenge of rearranging Mother Nature's imagery, trying to capture a little part of her beauty and grandeur.”

On San Francisco Bay

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