Greta Waterman

An accomplished artist from NYC, Greta Waterman has had numerous solo and group shows in SoHo, Chelsea, 57th St. & 38th St. galleries in NYC as well as in the Hamptons and around Long Island. Other exhibits in the US have been in Washington, DC, Virginia, New Mexico, California and Florida as well as a touring exhibit originating in Paris and throughout Burgundy, France.

Featured achievements have been: Bonnie Pearl Feder Memorial Award for Excellence presented by the Long Island Arts Council, Freeport, NY; "Mellieur Colorist" presented by Mssr. Chirac at the 8th Grand Prix Fine Art de Paris, Salon de Vieux Colombier, Paris, France; Unicef Recognition for Presentation Booklet of 10 World Artists European Distribution.

In recent years Waterman has exhibited in Monaco, Japan, Maryland, New York, Florida, and California. She wrote and illustrated A Little Duck Tale, a true story childrens book. Her illustrations for book covers include: Such Men are Dangerous: The Fanatics of 1692 and 2004; The New Wife: The Evolving Role of the American Wife; Inventing Savannah; The Men Out There: A Women's Little Black Book.

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Artist Statement

I like to weave my colors throughout the canvas to give balance and composition. My themes are generally women, music and nature.  I have been described as a cross between cubism and fauvism and sometimes a reminder of stained glass. My new plein air painting groups, since landing in California, have definitely influenced me.  The Pacific is so inspiring -- be it the breathtaking landscape or the energy of the sea. My goal is to capture that!

Pacific Ocean


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