Leigh Toldi

Leigh Toldi is a native Californian, raised in Big Sur and settling in the San Francisco Bay Area. Painting and drawing have always been her favored tools for communication. She has exhibited widely and her fine art is found in collections throughout the country. Commissioned illustrations by the artist have been published in regional and national newspapers, magazines, and books. She received a BA degree in Studio Art from the University of California, Davis, and a Graduate Printmaking Certificate from California State University, Stanislaus.

Women Attracting Wisdom

Artist Statement

My artwork can be complex and is best viewed as if one were reading literature. Each piece might be considered a visual essay, vignette, chapter, paragraph, poem, or even simple sentence. When I work I direct my content through conceptual thoughts about the human experience. Psychology and sociology play a part, as do biology and history. Shapes, colors, tints and shades can all be utilized to suggest symbolism within these themes. By intermixing abstract and representational imagery I am able to explore and illustrate interesting ways that our minds process information. The chaos of our changing world provides an endless source for inspiration. It is through my work that I discover a sense of clarity, insight, and even hopefulness within the chaos.

Kindness by the River Flow

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